Mobile Guarding Services, MGS

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What Is It?

This is a highly flexible combination of services that gives a client the benefits of an on-site security officer without a monthly bill of a round-the-clock security officer.

Mobile Guarding is a fully comprehensive, alternative, effective and affordable security solution. It is a customised combination of 3 security measures designed for each client:

  1. Mobile Officer – A specially trained Response Security Office who patrols your premises at both random and agreed upon times to perform assigned tasks.
  2. Alarm Response – our Security Operations Monitoring Centres constantly monitor the installed alarm systems and dispatch the appropriate response in cases of alarm activation.
  3. Technology – Modern technological advances have changed the way security is performed; CCTV systems help in monitoring premises both on and off site, access control systems can be remotely activated and monitored with other security systems that enhance your security. MegaForce Security is capable of installing; maintaining equipment or managing systems you may already have in place.

Practical For Every Business

Mobile Guarding gives practically every kind of business access to modern security protection that is affordable and cost effective. MegaForce will create a unique and flexible security solution that will address your security challenges and also meet your security budgets after a detailed analysis of your site.

Advantages of Mobile Guarding

  • Protection and Deterrent from Theft and Vandalism – Visible and random patrols by Special Response Officers in clearly marked vehicles send deterrent messages about the security of your premises.
  • Real-time Reports – Clients receive all reports in real time which cuts down their respond time to incidents and accidents. The assigned mobile officer creates on-site reports and sends it immediately to the security operations center and the client.
  • Peace of Mind – At the first sign of any threat, your Mobile Officer will execute an appropriate response to help protect your assets.
  • Back Up Officers – In the event of any situation the Mobile Officer has back-up officers who help to cover your facility.

A Smart Alternative

While Mobile Guarding works in a variety of settings, there are some specific situations where it is a perfect match:

  • Monitoring Equipment – Many industries have equipment in remote areas that need periodic and emergency monitoring. Our Mobile Guarding Officer’s can check in at scheduled times needed to check on them and also in emergency situations.
  • First Alarm Responders – Using Mobile Guarding gives you a quick first response capability that helps to prevent or alleviate emergencies. If there is an actual emergency, the Mobile Officer will respond and summon additional MegaForce resources or emergency responders as needed.
  • Temporary Security Coverage – Our Special Mobile Officers provide the security and peace of mind for your employees working alone and also on late night shifts. They can be posted at a gate, front desk, lobby and car parks.
  • Multiple Locations – Mobile Guarding is able to provide consistent levels of service across many locations. Because it a specific Special Mobile Officer visiting various post orders the same quality of service will be provided.

More About Mobile Security

MegaForce Security’s Mobile Guarding is a fully comprehensive solution that draws on our experience and knowledge of the security industry.

MegaForce Security has the workforce, expertise and resources to handle any situation and also the flexibility to adapt effortless should your needs change.


Mobile Guarding is an innovation that increases your security without necessary affecting your tight security budget. Our resources and industry knowledge is what we leverage to your advantage.

You have the same access to all our resources as our 24/7 clients have whilst only paying for the services you actually utilise.

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