Our Approach

Flat Organisation

MegaForce Security is able to harness a flat organisation, which enables the specialisation that is needed to be true experts in the Security industry. It is with the right expertise that MegaForce Security is able to provide the innovation that is needed and required to offer you a meaningful security solution.

Decentralised Organisation

The business philosophy of MegaForce Security is to create value and improve quality for our clients, and we achieve these goals because of our decentralised operations.  This creates a strong base that is both flexible and client focused.  MegaForce Security places great emphasis on empowering local branches to rapidly respond to your requirements. By placing resources at the local level where they can be used most effectively, we strive to create the best foundation to provide meaningful security solution.


Because we believe every client is unique, we dedicate our time, energy and resources to create that special solution to meet your needs and that of your industry. Since every industry has its own unique characteristics, we create security solutions that are relevant to that industry and provide the needed value.


MegaForce Security is committed to continuous improvement by using the most appropriate modern technology to enhance our supervision, increase productivity and efficiency in our operational zones.

Our Integrated Guarding, which combines all three of our guarding services — On-site, Remote and Mobile together with MegaEye (Guard force Tracking system) are such innovations to provide clients with comprehensive, cutting edge alternatives.

MegaForce Security can provide not just the officers and the technology, but a holistic and adaptive security plan to handle all aspects of an organisation’s security objectives.

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