Our Organisation

Our Business

All our business operations are localised independent units, which has created our lateral organisation. This has built up our client focused and flexible independent operations, which is the strength of our organisation.

This enables us to place the required resources where it is needed at the client’s facility or premises and at the local level where they can be used most effectively.

Business Operating Principles

The foundation of our business is to create value for money and improve the quality of service for you and is grounded on these three core components:

Focusing on Security - We are Security Professionals first: 

We are first and foremost a security services provider and it is incumbent on us to continuously improve our security knowledge so that you can focus on your core business.

Focus on Providing Optimal Service: 

Our focus is to create the risk free environment that you need to achieve the aims and objectives of your business organisation. We achieve this by building a security program that is in line with your expectations and profile.

Building Meaningful Business Partnerships:

Creating a business relationship that is based on mutual respect as professionally run business organisations with the aim to have a win-win relationship.

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