Remote Guarding Services, RGS


What Is It?

The traditional manned guarding functions that you know can now be performed remotely

MegaForce’s Remote Guarding Services is set up to act and react to incidents in real-time and can deter potential threats. Our security experience combined with smart technology gives us an unprecedented advantage in the 24/7 protection of your facility and property.

The combination of a modern Security Operations Monitoring Centre, CCTV, alarms, video analytics and security officers enables us to have a seamless integrated security system that increases the security of your facility.

You get state-of-the-art security that is innovative and cost-effective in creating real-time security that helps prevent incidents, optimise security officer’s time and reduce costs.

We first conduct an operational and security analysis of your facility to determine the best fit for you. The best fit can only be designed when the peculiar nature of your facility is understood.

Our Remote Guarding service is customised to suit your unique business environment irrespective of your size.

Our Remote Guarding Services include

  • Alarm Verification – Depending on the systems installed Alarm Verification gives you the shortest possible response time when an alarm is triggered or an incident occurs. If cameras are installed, operators will scan your premises for unauthorised activity and potential threats, advice on status and activate the appropriate response.
  • Remote Employee Monitoring – This service utilises live video surveillance with audio notification to provide a safe working environment for employees in that area.
  • Remote Patrol and Perimeter Protection – Using CCTV we inspect your premises and critical assets, monitor any suspicious activity and help enforce safety and security compliance.

Advantages of Remote Guarding

  • Real time detection of threats in predefined areas and monitoring of suspicious movement or interruptions in the work flow processes at your facility.
  • Audio warning systems to ward off potential intruders while activating response mechanism.
  • In conjunction with our Mobile Guard Service or Emergency Response Team, you receive both security services and response capabilities that are similar to that of having an on-site security officer but at a lower cost.

We increase your security posture without increasing your costs

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